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The Full Story

CHELSEA Collection

Jane Almond, Accountant; ordinary woman with an ordinary life until her surprise inheritance.
Edward Pilkington, Undertaker; entranced by the lady with the crazy hair and even crazier dress sense, but a man with a hidden life.

Hugh Rhodes-Brown, interior designer to the wealthy with a beautiful wife, Indy, an adorable son and a life built on an unsustainable pretence.

Indy is a beautiful award-winning florist directing all her passion into her business but her new neighbour, Italian owner of a stylish patisserie, clearly doesn't like her, or does he?
Funny, touching, uplifting, and heart wrenching, the Chelsea Collection follows the lives of Jane, Edward, Hugh and Indy. Secrets from the past, double lives, forbidden love - will they find contentment or are they destined to forever be searching?



Rainbow Romantic Reader

“This book was absolutely stunning. This is the story of Hugh, who is married to a beautiful woman with a gorgeous son, but knows he’s had feelings for other men since his youth. When he meets a fascinating artist, he’s not sure he can hide and contain his feelings anymore. Hugh’s journey is a difficult one, as coming to terms with who he is and being accepted by those around him is not easy. His story is full of heartbreak, guilt, and sadness, but it is also a story of finding yourself, loving those around you, and having hope in the darkest days. I laughed and cried, and was so happy to see where Hugh was at the end of his story. Absolutely stunning.”



A Son He loves - A Wife He Betrays


To a casual observer of Chelsea, the affluent and sophisticated area of south-west London, Hugh Rhodes-Brown has everything a man could wish for. His own interior design business catering to the wealthy, a beautiful, successful wife, and an adorable young son. 


But there is something missing from Hugh’s life, something unfulfilled and barely acknowledged even by Hugh until the moment he falls under the spell of a vibrant young artist.


Torn between his infatuation with the beguiling artist and loyalty to his wife and son, Hugh’s life crumbles in an agony of indecision as he confronts his life built on well-intentioned pretence.


When Hugh finds the courage to do what he believes is right, he discovers it marks the beginning rather than the end of the heart wrenching journey to be true to himself and everyone that he loves - proving the saying - you need the rain before the rainbow can appear.


A tale of love, loss, family secrets and second chances


It is 18 months since Jane Almond, 39-year-old accountant, ended her relationship with the egotistical Jago. Spring in London is a time for new beginnings and Jane is ready to love again if she can find “Mr Right”. Falling in love takes on a literal meaning when Jane finds herself sprawled at the feet of the handsome stranger in Ravenscourt Park.


A surprise inheritance followed by a summer of love with undertaker, Edward Pilkington, leads Jane to believe the future holds so much promise until the shock discovery of Edward’s secret life. Broken-hearted, Jane seeks refuge in Cornwall, where she unwittingly discovers the long-hidden truth surrounding her family.

Powerless to change the past, Jane must find the courage to confront Edward or walk away with grace and confidence, eyes forward and heart ready for whatever comes next.




Focus Magazine


“A lot of books imply if you haven’t found the love of your life and a career you’re passionate about by the age of 25, you can wave it all good bye and start collecting cats.




Adriana Guyton’s novel is a wonderful reminder that it’s never too late for something special to happen to you! Jane Almond is a 39-year-old accountant whose relationships ended a year and a half ago. Now, she’s learning to love herself and enjoy her independence. Until one day, on her usual morning run, she finds herself sprawled at the feet of a handsome stranger in Ravenscourt Park..

This story is a slow-burn and it takes quite a few chapters before she meets Edward again. But those chapters are what makes this book so special, as they dissect all the pluses and minuses of living as a 40-year-old single woman in London..

Jane and Edward meet again under sad circumstances – at Jane’s parents’ funeral. From there on, it’s a wild ride with so many crazy turns, your head will be spinning by the time you finish reading. There will be secrets and lies, there will be heartbreaks, uncovered truths and difficult confrontations. So, buckle up!”



Set after the events of 'Forgive Me', this next story in the Chelsea collection follows the unpredictable relationship between Indy and her new business neighbour, the owner of an Italian patisserie - release date to be confirmed

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