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This three book series follows New Zealand expat, Julia Davis, after she arrives in England hoping for a new beginning. Living in a different country is a chance for her son Jack to heal and for Julia to finally rid herself of the guilt that torments her daily thoughts.


A Gripping Family Saga
(Julia Trilogy Book 1) 

Can we ever really escape our past?

New Zealand expat, Julia Davis, arrives in England hoping for a new beginning. It’s a chance for her son Jack to heal, and for Julia to finally rid herself of the guilt that torments her daily thoughts.

The arrival of her husband Nick should complete Julia’s family. But as Jack runs into trouble at school and Julia and Nick’s frayed relationship begins to unravel, secrets are exposed with devastating consequences.

Can Julia cling on to her fragile happiness – and all she holds dear?

Consequences is a novel about the ties of motherhood and marriage, about confronting the past and finding the courage to face the future.


Julia is getting her life back together after tumultuous marriage break-up. Focussed on her job at a thriving legal firm and fiercely protective of her son Jack, life has become calm and measured just the way Julia likes – no more secrets or surprises, everything under control and predictable. The last thing she needs or wants is a man complicating their lives again.

Jack is a teenager who dreams of becoming an awesome musician. Music is his safe place when he needs to escape dark memories. He has the passion and talent but needs the right teacher to nurture his potential.

Patrick Devlin runs a prestigious teaching academy. He’s known love and heartbreak and has found that life is simpler when you follow your passions but, where women are concerned, avoid commitment.

When Julia grudgingly allows Jack to be accepted as a student of Patrick’s academy, the journey of self-discovery for three damaged people begins. Sibling rivalry, a tragedy from the past, and the healing power of music will change their lives forever.


The Music Teacher  is a novel about the ties of brotherhood, a mother’s sacrifice and a young boy’s search for contentment where music becomes the healer and the teacher the cycle breaker.


A Love Story and the Healing Power of Dance
(Julia Trilogy Book 3)

If you like your love stories with some real-life grit … read on!!


To an outsider, Julia has it all. Beautiful home, handsome, successful husband, and a musically gifted son? So why does true happiness allude her? The knock on the door will change Julia’s world forever offering opportunities for a new life. But is she brave enough to step outside of the lie she’s been living and embrace an uncertain future?

The Brothers is a novel about the sacrifices we make for those we love. The ties of brotherhood and the magic of dance to heal a broken heart.

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